Light is one of the five elements with out which human cannot survive. Today, indoor lighting has become equally important and its usage has grown by leaps & bounds. Maintaining low Power/Electricity bills has become a priority task for every one. And if the solutions contributes towards Clean & Green Energy too at the same time, then why hesitate to switch to the new solution.

Solid State Lighting is emerging technology which is growing exponentially. Lux or rather Luminous flux which is the measure for the amount of light per area is improved using LED's. Lumens per watt value has gone as high as 240 today. SSL has become the order of the day as it is slowly but steadily replacing all other ligting equipments.

Our initiative to work on energy effeciency & renewable energy made us spend months on research, to come up with products that provide multiple benefits. If being energy saver is one virtue, saving the enviornment is the other. One Verticle of our products specalize in utilizing the abundant Solar Energy, thereby reducing the dependancy on Non-Renewable energy resources & emphasise usage of Renewable energy resources.

We believe in Green Revolution
Come Join us in making this world a Greener place to live in !
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